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[21 Jan 2005|01:33pm]
Four essays due by March 11th. And I thought I'd picked my classes so I wouldn't have to write any this year.

1. Unification with God or becoming like God (theosis/theopoisesis) as the culmination of a Christian life. Compare the Eastern and Western Christendom's concepts on attaining the Christian's objective.

2. The reciprocity of Christ-faith and Platonic-Stoic Philosophy from the second century to the council of Chalkedon. Try to outline the aspects of Hellenistic Philosophy that 'prune' Christianity, and the integral means it offered against pruning.

3. The formation of the bases of modern concepts of man and society in Medieval Theology and Philosophy.

4. Review Luther's concept of the base and practice of the Christian life (faith and love) against the backdrop of the Theology of the old Church. What connections and innovations can you find between Luther and Patristic Theology?

Blargh x 4. I wish I didn't need this class as badly as I do.
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