January 23rd, 2005


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Slowly climbing up the LoRD ladder. Have been flirting (read: shagging like bunnies at the Inn) with the guy above me. Got to know him because I thought it was Scott, but it turned out to be someone called Chris.

Key: rank - name - sex - talents - experience - level - lays - charm - player kills

They've banned online duels in the realm I'm in, which is both good and bad. And people still seem to be cheating up a storm, seeing how today I got killed by someone with about 200 less hit-points than me (her hit-points 357, my defense 399 - offense 607 - hit-points 578, and her weapon was two grades lower than mine, I should have killed her by landslide), and whom I'd actually killed myself earlier. Total vendetta kill, which is annoying as all fuck. But it's still better than dying in the Forest Fights.

Real interesting, no?
Naama: So Emo

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Ringu 0: I'm so very, very confused. I thought Ringu 2 explained a lot of things Ringu didn't, but now I'm right back to who did what the when now? Bwah? The fuck?

And I can't ask about it without spoiling someone. But Sadako is still the ultimate creep.

And here is the meme.