January 24th, 2005


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It's time to talk about safe sex, boys and girls, because I've been coming across an increasing amount of posts on Eljay that display rather alarming attitudes toward it. And I'd say that the policies and propaganda of a certain administration and a certain religious faction are finally starting to bear fruit, if a recent outbreak of Chlamydia among the young women of my country - who aren't directly affected by either - didn't suggest a wider shift in attitudes.

The consensus seems to be that condoms are used to prevent pregnancy, for the most part. Alright, that's all good. It doesn't matter why you're using a condom, as long as you're using it. There are other efficient methods of birth-control, yes, and women really don't enjoy using condoms any more than men do. So a lot of people seem to think that going on the pill or applying other means of birth-control means that you can stop using the rubber. No.
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