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[25 Feb 2005|11:26am]
Revenge of the Sith pictures leaked.

The Emperor looks kind of - well - fat. And so does Tyrannus.

Lucas, man. Maybe it's time to just give up.

And QAFUS vs. QAFUK wank - on Fandom Wank of all places.

I don't know enough about the UK show and the chemistry of the actors to comment. But the fact that the Nathan character is 15 says a lot about the QaF UK. -- Anon

See, I'd say the fact that Justin is 17 says a lot about the US version. There's certainly safety in being unoffensive, but I don't think it makes for nearly as interesting viewing. -- esorlechar

I always gathered that they aged Justin to make the (very different) relationship between he and Brian more believable. Justin's purpose has always been very different to Nathan's. Also, Brian is a very different character from Stuart, and I doubt he'd fuck a fifteen year old. -- Different anon

I don't doubt that, and that was, in fact, very much the point I was trying to make. The remake wouldn't have a character like Stuart - he's not user-friendly enough. -- esorlechar

I thought the soap vs. drama comparison was pretty accurate.

Naughty behind cutCollapse )
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[25 Feb 2005|09:19pm]
Dear Fred Durst,

Learn about condoms, hobag. Kthx.
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