March 23rd, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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He spoke freely of his art, and explained how men of genius really are doing most when they work least, as they are thinking out ideas and perfecting the conceptions, which they subsequently carry out with their hands. -- Giorgio Vasari

Or drawing smutty pictures, huh? You were the guy who wanted to hide David from the public because it was 'indecent', weren't you?

One day, Leonardo, strolling in the company of Giovanni di Gavina de Santa Trinita, walked past the benches of the Spini Palace, where a group of gentlemen where discussing a passage from Dante. They called to the Vincian and begged him to explain it to them. At that moment, Michelangelo also happened to pass, and Leonardo told them: 'Michelangelo will explain it to you.' Michelangelo answered angrily, thinking that Leonardo was making fun of him: 'Explain it yourself, you who made a design for a horse to be cast in bronze and, unable to cast it, abandoned it, to your shame.' Leonardo remained silent and blushed. To embarrass him more, Michelangelo called after him: 'And those Milanese idiots believed you!' -- Anonimo Magliabecchiano

Rival slash, please. ♥

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For in devils there are three things to be considered - their nature, their duty and their sin; and by nature they belong to the empyrean of heaven, through sin to the lower hell, but by reason of the duty assigned to them, as we have said, as ministers of punishment to the wicked and trial to the good, their place is in the clouds of the air. For they do not dwell here with us on the earth lest they should plague us too much; but in the air and around the fiery sphere they can so bring together the active and passive agents that, when God permits, they can bring down fire and lightning from heaven.

This is actually pretty Essean, only in inverse. All the different sects had a different name for the Devil; Mastema, Belial, Samael, who had dominion over a tenth of the fallen angels and before the flood, the Watchers. But it was the Malechs, the actual angels, that held a lot of the natural powers given to demons in later times. These active and passive agents, demons of the post-Tomistic era were actually once good angels. Mastema was just... a shit-stirrer.