March 27th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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My University, the former Swedish Royal Academy and Alexandrian Imperial University, as well as my faculty that was the first one of them all, is 365 years old today. Happy birthday.

+ Ron is getting really cute.

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I am seriously demented. I keep forgetting really basic things, have this jamais-vu feeling. Like I know something, I fucking know I know, but I can't remember.

A few days ago I couldn't remember Nag Hammadi when I was trying to explain the difference between apocrypha and parabiblical texts to someone, and just fumbled on with "You know, what people usually mean when they talk about the Dead Sea scrolls; not Qumran but the other place".

And today I forgot the word Pharisee. My mother had been watching some Easter documentary and called me to talk about it, and I was telling her about the politics of Judea when stumbled on a hole in my memory. I remembered the Sadducees, the Zealots and the Essenes, and that there was the later victorious faction that began with a 'P', but I just could not get the name into my head.

Jesus Christ, for someone whose studies mainly revolve around that period in history, that's like anyone else forgetting what the capital of England is. I blame Google for having made my memory Swiss cheese in the last few years.


And speaking of which, going to see Ring 2 now.