March 29th, 2005

Bill: Bitch are you for real?

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With the production photos starting to leak out, the Goblet of Fire casting drama is on, full steam. And will be continuing until we can start bitching about OotP. ohnotheydidnt consensus: wtf, no.

Krum is too ugly!
Krum isn't ugly enough!

Voldemort is too hot!
Voldemort should be hot!

These are not the characters I imagined!

Cedric is supposed to be a cheesecake!

The casting people should be charged with several counts of canon rape and be made to leave my books alone.

And my personal favourite: and supposed to be like a total babe!!

What books were you reading?

Granted, there are a few things I would have gone about differently, and it would have been nice to see Bill and Percy with a second or two of screen time, but the fandom explosion makes it seem like what these people want is the Stepford version of Harry Potter. I'll only be able to fangirl the characters if they fall under my narrow media-induced definition of hotness! It's all about the eye-candy, the stories have no other merit!

Cats and dogs, living together! Mass-hysteria!

Ps. I think Krum's actor is cute. A bit heavy for a Seeker, but definitely cute.