June 7th, 2005

Evil Mutants

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  • Quentin Lawrence: Trollenberg Terror

  • Terence Fischer: Curse of the Frankenstein

  • Terence Fischer: Curse of the Werewolf

  • Mario Bava: La Maschera demonio (Devil Black Sunday)

  • Dario Argento: Suspiria

  • Alfred Hitchcock: Psycho

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis: Blood Feast
  • <-- porno director who figured gore had more money in it
  • George A. Romero: Night of the Living Dead

  • George A Romero: Dawn of the Dead

  • William Friedkin: Exorcist

  • John Carpenter: Halloween

  • David Cronenberg: Brood

I really want to see all the Peter Cushing slash Christopher Lee Frankenstein movies and Dario Argento's witch trilogy.

Wonder if I could stretch a paper comparing Romero's three zombie movies to the remake and Shaun of the Dead to 28 000 words. Yes, the crafty bastard assigned it in words instead of pages. They're onto us.

Also, the season six of BtVS I've had on reserve for months would of course have to come right now. I'm not even going to pick them up until Friday.