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[30 Jun 2005|01:22am]
It's peculiar that at the end of our epic it isn't the gods that judge mankind, it's the coming messiah that judges the god(s). It's also thematically interesting to me that it's a feminine princip that is the creator-god and that Man is born from Woman, when usually the feminine princip in the primordial sea is an agent of chaos.

And it's all the more odd because the compiler of the epic was a) a devout Lutheran and b) a serious misogynist.

I haven't left the house and the books since Sunday, rambling ahoy.
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[30 Jun 2005|02:39pm]
1) Apparently it was believed a hundred years ago that we descended from the Hunns, and that the Finns and the Hungarians left the region between the Urals and the Himalayas because the Scythians were omg oppressing us. I know that up until the 50's we were widely called Mongoloids. Wild postulation though it probably was, I've always thought Attila sounded very Finnish -- 'kattila' means frying pan and 'Anttila' is a surname still in use.

2) It's easier for me to read 16th century English than it is 19th century Finnish. I don't know what half of the words mean! Especially the fact that the word that now means 'that is to say' used to mean 'or' throws me off all the time. I come across things that read 'gold, that is to say: bronze'. Or the one that always amuses me -- "Yes, that is to say: no" meaning 'whether or not'.

3) The bear was not usually hunted in the Karelia, and definitely not eaten. This has been thought to mean that the bear was a totem: there were many purity norms and taboo denials associated with it. It is therefore possible that the bear was the totem animal of especially the Karelian people, their worshiped forefather. -- The burial of the bear was a practice with specific norm conducts. The bear was to be buried in the fashion of a man. -- To this end indicates also the fact that the burial of the bear has been set up in the form of a wedding ritual. One of the young boys or girls or the village would play the part of groom or bride to the hunted bear. The burial of the bear was a wedding through which the forefather was born again, giving his power and blessings to the descendants.

Fanfiction has nothing on mythology. I was especially amused by the instance of not only mpreg, but man giving birth to an eight-legged horse. Find that in the Harry Potter fandom.
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