July 4th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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I think I did alright, even though my answers were a bit on the short side. Had to do with the questions, too. If you ask Who or what did (authoress) think (character of the Kalevala) was? I think 'the prototype of a Finnish shaman/wizard, period.' would have been a perfectly sufficient answer, seeing how that is the gist of what she waxes poetic about for the length of the book. The exam-bitch in me wanted to leave it at that, but I didn't feel like gambling with three whole credits.

What I hate about afternoon exams, though, is that to battle the drowsiness I'll always drink copious amounts of coffee going into it, and then come the caffeine shakes. But still, I think I've come a way from the times I used to pop off-the-counter concentrated caffeine pills to get past the haze.