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[09 Jul 2005|11:05am]
ohnotheydidnt + Harry Potter - was there ever even chance of it not getting Fandom Wanked? When ever the twain collide, I fear the apocalypse.

Harry Potter fans are fucking crazy if they consider seeing the back cover of the book a week before it comes out a spoiler.

No kidding. Can't wait for the inevitable 'splosions that are going to happen once it finally does come out and the trolling of communities with OMG OMG DRACO GETS AK'D SNAPE AND HARRY DO THE NASTY starts.

Anyway, what is a minor point of annoyance to me is that Scholastic decreed the publicizing can't happen before midnight Greenwich time, and as we're two hours ahead and the bookstores here decided they don't want children to be up at two AM, I can't get it until nine-ish on Saturday morning. This makes a complete wreckage of my plans to gloat about having gotten my hands on it before the fandom majority. So inconsiderate.
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