July 18th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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Well, then. Fandom has exploded, which was of course to be expected. But I don't remember it being this bad after the last book. There was some shock and denial after the death, but really, fandom then was like a Zen monastery compared to this. Now, while there were bits that irked me slightly, all and all I think HBP will replace OotP as my favourite of the series. I loved Umbridge. I totally dig the new characters, too, all of them. I'm funny that way.

I'd really like to hear thoughts from "children's books OMG!" apologists that have actually read past the first chapter of book one, and who don't have the reading comprehension skills of a pre-teen. I don't mind children's stories, I've been geeking over Star Wars for fifteen years, but the political aspects and the increasing creepy-creepy elements seen as specifically aimed for children? Okay. Because Collapse )

There's nothing infantile about liking interesting and entertaining stories. Isn't that right, dear asshats, whom I saw squeeing over the pop movie du jour right before moving in on the Potter-trollery? Hellblazer, Fantastic Four, Revenge of the Sith, Hellboy, B a t m a n -- I like them too, but seriously, are you for real?