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[20 Jul 2005|06:20pm]
So, I got to seeing Batman Begins. I won't say finally, because it just got here. We seem to be running late with all the major blockbusters of the year, War of the Worlds notwithstanding. And that one was a waste of €10.

It was alright. The cutting and the dialogue could have been better, but most of my annoyances in seeing it came from the dad on the row behind us whose cellphone rang two fucking times during the film. And the dad's chatty kid also irritated me, giving things away, as it was obviously not the first time kid had seen it. Having gone to the cinema in Chicago I know it's a bit different over there, but here when you go to the threatre, you stfu. Failing to do this is seen as violating the public space. Actually, we just prefer that people stfu altogether, which is what inspired Brecht's quip about the people that are silent in two languages.

I've heard a lot of squeeing over Cillian Murphy, but I found his character to be a bit meh. Most I can say is that he looks an awful lot like Jensen Ackles all through the film. Now, Rutger Hauer and Michael Caine, they were the sex. And Liam Neeson's beard with the grey bits was the sex. And Ken Watanabe is always the sex. I'm not so much for puppydog!Gary Oldman because I prefer him the raging psychopath, and there was a bit of cognitive dissonance in seeing him so normal.

And so with the Cockney accent on a manservant. From the very moment Alphred opened his mouth I kept imagining him some shady past as a sailor or a thug that Wayne Sr had picked up from the gutter.

But mostly I'll squee for Rutger Hauer. You still rock.
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