July 28th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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I got a new ring for my labret today, because the stud was chafing my gums. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to eat and drink and even smoke with this thing. I so need one of these.

As some of you know, I hate shopping. With a passion. And I'm no fun to shop with, either. Even guys I can wear down with my 'Can we go now? Can we go now?' and 'Just pick the fucking black one and let's go'. I completely lack the shopping gene. Wandering in shops looking at stuff I can't afford and wouldn't buy even if I could, because I'm a stinchy cheap fuck, is my idea of fourth level-like torture. The only way to get me excited about it is to take me to a flea market to look at old swords and parasols and shiny little things nobody actually needs. Usually it's just grab-thing-I-came-for-and-leave.

But sometimes, very rarely, I go in and buy so much stuff I actually feel a little bit hung over from it. Today would be one of those times.