August 15th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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I got a 2 (out of 3, not out of 5) on my al-Ghazali paper. Neo-Platonism and medieval Muslim Philosophy. Oh fuck ohfuckohfuck. I was so sure I'd get a big fat FAILED on it, and I've been sitting on hot coals waiting to hear the verdict for two fucking months. And I got a 2,5 on Uralian religions!*

When I get the rest of my credits for the summer, I'll have gathered 120 of these shiny new point-thingies. Someone please tell me why I'm taking Academia like I'm playing a game of Super Mario. Happy like a big bouncy happy thing? You bet I am.

* I average at 2-, the only full 3s I get in Systematic Theology, which also happens to be my second most hated subject.