September 20th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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I'm not getting any reading done. I started with the shortest book and I've been on it for over a week. I have no idea how I'll get everything read by the 30th.

It's not because it's boring, by all means. Inane religious commentary on the Internet aside, it's what I live for. But it's a very taxing read, what I like to call the Exegesis-bingo:

RICHTER has named this collection "the Book of the Saviours" (Retterbuch); "judge" is, as stated before, a name given as late as by the DtrH to the folkleaders described in these stories. According to Richter the collection consists of the following texts: Judges 3:13,27-29; 4:4a,6-9,11,17b; 6:2b-5,11b-17,25-27a,31bβ-34; 7:1,9-11a,22-25; 8:3-4,10-13,22-23,29,31; 9:1-7,16a,19b-21,23-24,41-45,56-57, as having been compiled in the North state during the Jehu dynasty.

Every other sentence is broken by a string of numbers, abbreviations, or both. Same with my lecture notes. And it's not like it's random code I can just glaze over, it's really the meat of the text. But it really affects the flow of the reading, having to stop mid-sentence twenty times on one page to read from another book what the text is actually talking about.