November 10th, 2005

Naama: So Emo

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This is the kind of thing that ends up being fairly typical of me:

I've recently thumbed through three biographies of Oliver Cromwell, two (concise, my ass) histories of Ireland, and many an article on Cromwell +Ireland, but it's only today, as I was browsing through an old issue of Military History while we were being instructed on the uses of various Theological databases (which, you know, would have been helpful the first fucking year, because goddamn I've been tired of wrestling second-rate texts and transcripts from Google), that I realized 'New Model Army' is a Cromwellian reference. It had merely been the clever name for a band to me thus far.

I assume this to be something that anyone who's ever taken a single class of English history would know. But me, I had enough trouble associating 'ironsides' and 'roundheads' with their Finnish counterparts, even though they're pretty much literal translations. New Model Army to 'parliamentary army' never even occurred to me.