December 1st, 2005

Bill: Bitch are you for real?

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I know how useless whining about the weather is, but goddamn. Every other day we have snow. Every other day we don't. I'm not kidding. And because where I live is surrounded by the sea from three sides, the wind is kicking my ass.

And then there's the fact that after twenty-four years of living here, I still haven't learned to dress weather-appropriately. Tartan skirts that the wind will blow up to your ears? Well, yeah... Wear fuck-me boots to the sloshy rain? But I like my boots. And how stupid do you have to be to take a thin leather coat to the freezing cold? Yeah, I do understand the looks I get when every time I step out of the door the words 'it's so fucking cold' come out of me like by a switch.

I was nine years old when I decided I was too cool for winter. Really, I am waiting to grow out of it.

addendum: Boots also bad for icy roads. Find skates.