March 6th, 2007

Naama: So Emo

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I've been typologizing psalms that mention water all day, so of course the question on my mind... has nothing at all to do with that, but has to do with the show Supernatural. You know, the one with the two pretty boys that, let's face it, very few watch for the plot. Because even I know a bazillion fanficcers that could have come up with a more gripping story - but that's beside the point.

What I was wondering about is why sometimes the popculture references on the show are of the type 'Ahahaha, Dean.' and other times they are of the type 'Oh, hello pasted-on popculture reference of the week! Look how pasted-on you are!' I never used to get that feeling of pasted-on-ness with BtVS or AtS, not even with the really bad puns. But with all the shows that followed, it's a very small minority of puns that honestly amuse me with their keen insight and sharp zing and just with the funny. But why? Why do they feel so pasted-on a lot of the time?

I mean, it's not even as though they're out-of-character for the characters of Supernatural. Does Dean have a life besides 'hunting demons, killing things' and watching TV at what ever motel they happen to crash at?

(And yes, every week, without fail, I find myself asking... myself, 'Wait, why /am/ I watching this, again?' I suspect that the answer is something to the tune of: because I have even less of a life.)