May 27th, 2007

Bunny Bang Bang

Survey says: Internet users will only read the first three hoochie-hoochie gobbledygook gunk

An interesting article on an eye-tracking study, as relating to what people look for on web-pages. There were a lot of interesting points in the survey, I thought.

Like that people tend to phase out images of model-looking people in favour of realistic portrayals, associating the former with advertisements.

And that decorative, artsy images tend to distract from the content more than tangible pictures of the subject at hand.

And that men will look at other men's crotches more than women will.

1. And everybody likes lists.

2. Because there's no time a-wasting when you're wasting time.

Interesting stuff, which reminds me that I should really redesign my journal layout, because it doesn't work on any screen resolution.
Henry Rollins, Excellent

(no subject)

Henry Rollins is here and nobody told me!

I'm glad we'll be getting his talk show, though. Can anybody tell me whether it's any good? y/y