May 31st, 2007

Naama: So Emo

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And the lastest news post has exploded. 93 pages in one day. Wow.


"Our decision here was not based on pure legal issues," countered Six Apart's Berkowitz. "It was based on what community we want to build and what we think is appropriate within that community and what's not. We have an awful broad range of discussions and topics and other things going on in LiveJournal, and we encourage other broad-ranging conversations on all sorts of topics. This was a specific case where we felt there was not a reason (for these journals to stay online)."

There were < 25,000 users when I joined Eljay. It was an 8 million user community when Six Apart bought it. Now that it's reached 14 million, you don't want us anymore, Barak? Okay.
LJ: Dramallama

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I almost feel sorry for them after the newest news post.

Why, why am still Eljay's bitch? Why do I still want to get a permanent account, knowing I could lose my money to a whim?