June 4th, 2007

Smoochies, Naama: Collar Bone

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My MOO-cards arrived today. They're tiny - USB-stick-sized.

I helped my grandmother clean up her attic yesterday. You could see how much the world can change in one person's life-time in there history stored in closets. I remember when button-phones were the cutting-edge of technology, and never could I have dreamed that only in a few years phones would be considered out-dated if they didn't include a television, walkman, digital camera, the internets, GPS and a vibrator, all in one.

It's funny that there used to be a time when I'd take a (system) camera with me everywhere I went. But now that I really do have a camera with me all the time, everywhere I go, I don't really take pictures anymore. Why? Because the pictures are only files, and I know I'd never look at them once they're filed away, anyway.