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[02 Aug 2007|01:06pm]

I've come to accept it as a fact of the tubes that when the topic of rape is introduced on a general forum, there are going to be rape apologists taking part in the discussion. I'm not going to talk about them, now, as I'll only end up aggravating myself. Instead I make mention of one of the counters often offered to the people that Just Don't Get It. Namely, reminding them that it could be their sister, mother, daughter it happen to. 

Something about this has jarred me for a long time, and it was reading Hobbes, a fucking 17th century author, that drove it home. (In his hierarchy of crime that went something along the lines of: torturing and killing a king in a church > doing the same to a man > not in a church > not torturing him > doing him bodily harm without killing him > stealing a man's possessions with threat of death > no threat of death > taking another man's wife's "chastity with force rather than flattery" > doing the same to a maiden.)

It makes the offence all about the Man. Still, today. No, this isn't a crime that has befallen an autonomous woman. Remember, boys and girls, that even in this day and age, rape is a crime commited really against the man. The father, the husband, the brother. They're the people that really suffer the grievances of rape, amirite? Can't explain rape to a man without making it all about him, y/y?

I'm going to give myself an ulcer.

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[02 Aug 2007|08:27pm]
Getting older.

I hear everyone's doing it these days. 

How's it working out for you?
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