September 7th, 2007

Naama: So Emo

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Until a few days ago, I had never witnessed the word "nerd" being used with an earnest wish to offend before. I was surprised when I realized this. It may be because I'm not an American, and the word only started making its way into our tongue with the coming of the Internet. Sure, there were other words in our language to denote the tops of the classes, but I never took them very seriously either. 

I mean, if there actually are people out there that honestly see being smart as some kind of handicap, then okay. Okay. Sure, you can hold onto your precious opinion, but I'm still going to wonder how your ancestors ever crawled out of the ooze.

There's some kind of irony in using the word "nerd" to insult someone on nerd-constructed space. You're on the fucking Internet, tough guy. This is nerd country.

And what's more, it was the glasses of Jonathan Davis that made you call him a nerd, and not the fact that he actually confessed to being a huge big fucking geek and playing World of Warcraft in the interview. Do you not understand what nerds are? He blushes like a country-grown maiden on confessing that he's into online gaming, and you think it's his glasses that make him a nerd?

This is why you want to stay in school, kids.