October 14th, 2007

Freeze Sukka! Bunny

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Watching Boy Eats Girl, an Irish zombie movie, finally alerted me to the fact that the genre of zombie horror has changed. Shifted focus. Subverted. No longer does the zombie represent the drone of the post-industrial consumerist society, or the later Internet-dulled, information overloaded modern walking dead that you could still maybe find in Romero's second coming. It's the European zombies that have morphed into something else, beginning with Shaun of the Dead.

What I see in them is the desensitization of society, the growing epidemic of violence and especially sexual violence, inherent and bubbling under in stranger and neighbour, family, and school chum alike. The film had more rape analogies than I was comfortable watching. They tell me that everyone's got a beast inside, ready to break loose at the slightest provocation, and that everyone triggered is capable of horrible violence. I didn't get that from the classic films.

What I liked better was a UK slasher called Severance, where a group of affable weapons' manufacturers get stuck as targets in a Hungarian forest during a company outing. The best thing about it was that the women, even the hookers, came out alright as characters.