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I was reading this rather interesting discussion on, well, many things -- mainly bi-chic and faux-feminism, although it loses its coherence in places -- and found myself nodding through a lot of it. I'm not in the Buffy fandom, as per canceling of the show before the season three finale here many years ago, and I've only now started catching up on the seasons I missed on DVD. I know very little about the fandom and its tides, but if the sentiments expressed in that entry portray the fandom at large, then I must say that I'm surprised.

but I'm bi! and a feminist! HOW DARE YOU say I hate women! I love them...they just suck in the Jossverse (NB - *ironized* by the OP)

I'm sorry, what? People really, actually think like that? I thought BtVS had some of the most interesting female characters on television. When I wrote femslash for the HP fandom I didn't yet have Tonks, Bellatrix or teenage!Lily, and the characters to choose from where either really old or really young, and apart from very, very few -- not that well fleshed-out, characterization-wise (my main pairing was Hooch/McGonagall in their school days). OotP gave us more to work with, yes, and I'm completely sold on the Blackcest. But the Buffy fandom has nerdy witch chick, ex-demon chick, two hot-as-hell Slayers - one hero, one psycho - Buffy's little sister, stuck-up Prada princess, Watcher gone bad, vampires -- it's a goddamn girl-love orgy. And omfg, some of it is canon. And, you know, I see potential for great, interesting het in the fandom, too. What I have trouble finding outside Giles/Spike fucked up boarding school lovin' is potential for m/m to catch my fancy - largely because David Boreanaz has the sex-appeal of a wet sock to me. Why would you want to write about this wet sock when you have Faith/Buffy -- a pairing I can see done in ways that encompass many of the dynamics of various HP pairings; any Gryffindor/Slytherin or DE/Order ones, for example. What slash pairings are there in BtVS?

Spike/Angelus - okay, I can see this. But I'd still rather read about Spike kicking Angel's butt.
Giles/Xander - er. No.
Xander/Oz - no chemistry.
Giles/Oz - they'd never get past the talking.
Angel(us)/Xander - maybe a little bit.
Spike/Xander - only if it's in the humour section, with extra snark.
Giles/Angel - ohdeargod no.

Granted, I don't actually know what people in this fandom write about. And I've always been of the mind that people can write about what ever the fuck they want to; I'm known to pair people off randomly on dice roll on occasion, just to see if I could come up with any way to make Nagini/Colin Creevey work. Lucius drilling holes in his son's head to fuck them may not be my bag, and there's little that will convince me people don't write Vernon Dursley running a kennel ring on Harry just because it's squicky and teh edgy, but I know how to use the back-button and don't really have time to waste on being fandom police. But that they'd try to *excuse* writing slash because the show lacks potential for het and femslash? Uh huh. -10 000 fandom points. You need no excuse other than that you damn well fucking like it.

Buffy fandom, thou art spoiled.

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