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There's a Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold on sages_of_chaos, which is a sort of multifandom roleplay that I don't participate in, just read for the funny. Now, I think very few people will understand just why I think that Scrooge McDuck is the sexiest thing that ever sexed, or why I'm entirely too squeey-y over the fact that diamond_duck is using Keno Don Rosa's art for his icons, but therein lies the answer.

Don Rosa, the man who did to Disney's ducks what Homer did to the Greek gods... Okay, a slight exaggeration. But he did give them distinct personalities, made them interesting, and added a touch of homoerotica. He also purposefully violates Disney's comics code in pretty much every story he's written/drawn, and fucks with the censors in subtle ways that the fans know all about. They're funny and snarky and educational and tragic, and just about everything you wouldn't expect to find in Disney comics

In which Scrooge destroys an African village and alienates his sisters in his youth
In which Donald is about to be beheaded by King Arthur's henchmen, and his nephews explain how the actual history differs from Arthurian legends - in a fashion thoroughly superior to the King Arthur movie
In which Porthole McDuck attempts to explain to a native American the difference between Indians and Indian-Indians

And the best thing of all... What he's actually doing, is writing really brilliant, successful fanfiction to Carl Barks's stories, expanding on the little details Barks liked to throw in to give the ducks actual context.

Me and my brother, who also loves his work and fought me for the Don Rosa hardback editions upon first moving out, actually discovered him before he became a Big Name, just for his distinctive drawing style and tendency to make illuminated circles around some of the characters at least once per story, that we then began to associate with Good Fucking Story -- which factors into his popularity. Disney cartoonists aren't allowed to put their own names on their work, it all has to be published under the name of Walt Disney, so to stand out by the quality of your work alone to the point where it's his name that now sells the stories is really saying something.

But because I know that I'll never be able to properly explain the brilliance of it without you reading the stuff for yourself, I will now scutter off to contemplate on why bondage would be such an essential part of Scrooge and Flintheart's erotically antagonistic relationship.


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