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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

I love the new covers. The UK adult editions especially have always had brilliant covers, and make me sorry to always lose the jackets at some point. But when books are made to read and not to look at...

It's amazing how many theories have popped up with them, and I think I do hold with some of them. Harry having his wand in his left hand might mean that it's to his right hand that he gets his... semi-permanent injury. And if Snape is given the DADA position and the cameo teacher of the year is a new Potions Master, then it could send him to his Dark path and eventual death. Seems like the fandom is crying pre-emptively on this one. I know the name of the author looks to be 'Borag', but I keep trying to squint so I'd see 'Borgin' in there.

It makes sense, though. If the Wizarding world thinks the position is jinxed, then it would be easier for Dumbledore to find a new Potions teacher and just give the DADA job to the only person who wants it.

And yay for more Pensieve scenes.

Want it now.

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