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So, Remus is a Pisces. I have to say that I haven't seen any of them coming, yet. But they do fit surprisingly well. I am, however, fairly convinced that Sirius is a Cancer, even if there seems to be a near fandom consensus that she isn't going to reveal the birthdays of dead people.


Ruling planet: Saturn
Ruling element: Earth
Ruling quality: Initiative-ruling-passive

Colours: Pitch black, ink blue, dark green
Stones: Onyx and hematite
Metal: Lead
Plants: Ivy and pine
Animals: Dog and owl
Motto: "I'll get the last word, even if I'll say it quietly."

Capricorn is the Zodiac's persistent climber type. He is stubborn and ambitious, even though he seems shy and modest. The eyes of the man of Saturn seem downcast, but in reality he is gazing at the top of his destination. Capricorn admires and respects the pioneers that have made the way before him - ancestors and authorities.

People who do not know the Capricorn type well think him to be thoroughly dry and deadly boring. They are wrong in the assessment. Capricorn does have a cool exterior, even gloomy, and stiff-necked grouchiness is characteristic of him, but he does occasionally let loose. The humour of a Capricorn type is dry and sarcastic, sometimes even dirty and inappropriate. And - believe it who will - in his private dreams he is a hopeless romantic. But the vivid imagination and sentimentality will seldom get a chance to light up his serious surface.

A Saturn person does not have an easy life, and it is not made any easier by Capricorn's belief that it is never even going to get any better. For a Capricorn is an incurable pessimist. His general mood would improve greatly if he just could believe that every dog will have his day.

A Capricorn has weak self-esteem. Secretly in his mind he yearns for flattery and needs people to pump up his self-esteem. Unfortunately an immature Capricorn may alienate the people around him with his close-mindedness and tendency to criticize. Only few can appreciate the Capricorn's peculiar charisma.

The Capricorn Child

This Saturn child born during the darkest time of the year is a serious and shy sort. He may not seem as clever as more extroverted children, but he is actually quite sharp. No pearls before the swine, he may think to himself, while keeping all manner of things only to himself. A Capricorn child will continuously keep surprising his parents with skills and knowledge none thought he even possessed.

The little Capricorn is usually an obedient child. But when he has chosen to be stubborn, wild horses could not make him heel. From a very early age the Capricorn will let his proud nature shine. But despite of his pride the little Capricorn is very unsure of his place on this Earth, and the parents should remember to thank and support him. But parents may easily neglect this child that draws to himself. In many cases even the friends and sisters of the Capricorn child will attempt to dominate him, but no worries, the Capricorn child has his own undetected ways of getting the upper hand.

Capricorn and Success

While a Capricorn usually dreams of the status of a leader, he will seldom do anything drastic to further the cause. He will settle for labouring as an ordinary minion until his skills are discovered. Because a Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of trials and possibilities, his hard work does usually bear fruit.

Capricorn isn't so much interested in titles as he is of reputation and secure income. Because a typical Capricorn has a knack for summarizing things into an understandable form, he is as if made for teaching positions. In his monetary affairs the Capricorn is often rather calculating, and he has a tendency to seek to benefit from wealthy elderly relatives. The Capricorn does not spend on frivolities and may even be seen as cheap, but he is always prepared to pay for quality.

Love and Sex

The Capricorn seems controlled and all-business like, but - NB! - only seems. In actuality he is rather a hot package and more than interested in the opposite gender. Many times he will acquire the reputation of a Casanova or a maneater, because he switches partners as often as others switch their shirts. The Capricorn seldom falls in love, but finds infatuation often. He will not come across his Great Love until he is well in his twenties. The most successful relationship a Capricorn will have with the Water signs - Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio.

The Capricorn person is the dominant partner of the relationship. He pulls the strings invisibly behind the scenes. In contrast to his modest exterior he is surprisingly demanding and self-centered, and requires a lot of attention. The relationship may also find difficulties in his unreasonably strong fear of rejection.

In his love Capricorn is sincere and caring. He will show his emotions more with everyday services than by grand gestures. The peak of a Capricorn's signs of affection will include a breakfast prepared and a drawn bath.

The common misconception that a Capricorn is subdued on the area of sex is born from the cool impression created by Saturn. In reality Capricorn has a healthy passion, and a sex life with him reminds one of eating ice cream with hot chocolate sauce: a cool exterior and a glowing interior make him an exciting partner.

Health and Diet

Capricorn suffers if life is chaotic. He will often withdraw to loneliness for a chance to calm down and relax. Most of his mental problems come from his tendency to nurture his battered mind inside him. That is why he is often plagued by conditions related to nerves: rashes, allergies, colds, headaches, and stomach aches. The gloominess may also drive the Capricorn to drinking or smoking pot. There are two types of Capricorns: the others' teeth will hold even if he eats iron nails, the others' mouths will resemble the fall-out of the Indian wars. The Capricorn with weak teeth should eat more carrots and avoid citrus fruits. The Capricorn has an amazing endurance, and despite his pains and sufferings will live to be as old as Metusalem.


Planet: Neptune
Ruling element: Water
Ruling quality: Bending-mutable-passive

Colours: Malva and water green
Stones: Amethyst and emerald
Metal: Tin
Plants: Lotus and willow
Animals: Sheep and swan
Motto: "The paradise of memories is the only one we can't be banished from."

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, is a dreaming and imaginative lazeabout. He is sensitive, sympathetic, and hopeful. The Pisces person absolutely refuses to see the world as black, and will rather view it from behind rose-coloured goggles. A pisces betrayed and battered by the world may sink so deep into the dishonest waters of self-deception that he can no longer come up with practical solutions to his problems.

Neptune's affect will make Pisces extremely keen of senses, tolerant and compassionate. The Pisces person will understand others better than he will understand himself. That is why he has a tendency to put other people's problems before his own, and has to solve others' grievances even when he would be in need of a strong shoulder.

The Neptune type is a funny socialite. But the laughter of Pisces is never completely real, and will sometimes be only a veil for his watery depression. But because Pisces usually attempts to be optimistic and good-willing, he makes friends easily. The relationships of Pisces may, however, be short-lived, for due to his instability and passivity he can't - and doesn't always want to - hold on to his friends. Despite his heartfeltness the Pisces can also be hard and deceptive, but he does it so subtly that the one betrayed may have a hard time conceiving it.

The Pisces does not enjoy challenges. He will rather swim downstream than up, and if possible, will flee from the site in sight of problems. The pisces type is certainly not one to ever go looking for trouble.

The Pisces Child

There is no softer package than the Pisces child. He is accommodating, friendly, and always seems to be half-asleep. The child ruled by Nepture has an imagination at least as vivid as the little Cancer, and he does not need a lot of incentive to travel to imaginary worlds of invisible cats and pink elephants.

The little Pisces loves fairytales and poetry with beautiful rhythm. He's also usually musical and can dance. He hates with a fervour all duties except those to do with his art hobbies. He tries to think up some amazing and new thing for each day. This peculiarity is why the Pisces child may have trouble fitting in to the hard disclipine and tight schedules of school life.

The Pisces child is lazy in doing his homework.
[Hello, fandom. My name is Joanne, and I thoroughly enjoy fucking with you all.] He should be tempted to them by appealing to his imagination. Parents must be careful that they do not spoil this sensitive child. The little Pisces has a tendency for unrealistic dreaming, and if he is not met with any kind of demands at home, the life outside of it may prove too harsh. Because the little Pisces usually has a weak self-esteem, he should be supported and encouraged, even if the currents seem impossibly strong for him.

Pisces and Success

The symbol of a person born in February-March is that of two fish, one swimming up the stream and the other down. This depicts how a Pisces has been given the opportunity to either make use of his talents, or to leave them unseized. Laziness and indeterminateness often make Pisces choose the latter option. Most Pisces have a vivid imagination, a sharp head for languages, and a good memory. In addition to this they are skilled negotiators, persuaders, mediators and wheedlers, but only a few will understand to make use of their talents.

In a profession too stiff and unimaginative the Pisces will be akin to a fish out of water. He will get anxious if the assignments are too regulated and monotonous. The Pisces type is also not interested in gaining power, wealth or titles, but would rather be of use to the humankind. At his most typical, the Pisces will serve society. Many Pisces have found their calling on the areas of caring: they are as if born Priests, doctors or social workers.

The Pisces person's relationship with money is as emotionless as that of the an Aquarius. In his eyes also money is only a means to be exchanged for everyday necessities. Most Pisces will settle for little, and will not require status objects to improve his self-esteem. Most of his savings the Pisces will spend in helping his friends and his relatives.

Love and Sex

Even though the appearance of a Pisces resembles that of a playful mackerel, he will seek to bury himself in deep muddy waters akin to a Devil ray. This is why Pisces will usually attract people who have been oppressed and kicked in the head by life. Because of his compassion the Pisces will also have a tendency to wind up in relationships where he is abused, either emotionally or financially.

The Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of images and transformations. His relationships are often laced by romantic illusions and cannot stand the harshness of real everyday life. The pisces will need by him someone who is firmly grounded. That is why he should seek for his beloved from among the Earth signs - Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn - but the other slightly mad Water signs - Cancer and Scorpio - will also make good partners.

Despite his amicable base nature, the Pisces is not an easy person to live with: he is moody, sometimes even grouchy, quick to take offense, and has a tendency to hang on to his partner. The Pisces needs a partner that is both his support and his safety. Most of the time, however, the Pisces will lose his lover for one reason or another.

The Pisces is very sexy. He possesses a primal attraction that one cannot but sense despite his ethereally poetic appearance. At its best sex means to a Pisces a sympathy of the soul and the body akin to a dance.

Health and Diet

The Pisces person has a tendency to neglect himself: he eats irregularly, over-eats, uses up his life-force in worrying about the problems of other people and/or destroys his health by drinking. The Pisces should learn to take care of himself as well as he does of other people, because he does not have good health and exhausts easily.

The Neptune person usually suffers from different infections, rheumatism, psychosomatic afflictions and weak metabolism. Because Pisces gets colds easily, he should eat garlic and oily foods. His sensitive system cannot tolerate coffee or substances that stimulate his nerves.

The Pisces type is often an excellent cook, or at least a passionate consumer of food, and would do well to exercise a lot.

I can translate the bit on Cancers on request. I think it fits Sirius pretty well, even though I hadn't even considered it until Snape's birthday was revealed. > They're on the opposite sides of the Zodiac while both being initiative-ruling-passive types.

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