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I rented a couple of Jackie Chan movies, because I like Jackie Chan and have notoriously bad taste in movies anyway. I picked them up at random, barely even looking at the covers, because, well, they're all pretty much the same, aren't they.

Movie #1: Originally a Chinese movie dubbed in English. It's on fucking DVD, how hard would it be to add the original voice track into it as an extra? I hate when they don't. But still, Jackie was naked and it was good.

Movie #2: Opening credits... Jason Isaacs. Lovely surprise, because I wasn't expecting it. He should have had more screen time, though.

Movie #3: AIDAN GILLEN!! And he's playing a badass swot English lord who dresses in black and is a god with swords in Victorian England. Brain: reboot.

Now, Aidan who? you might say, while thinking about Aidan Quinn. Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor who played Stuart in the original Queer As Folk. The thing of it is, I'm not really attracted to him at all. He comes across to me as a complete cock (or he's just good at acting like one). But since the very first time I saw him - and how thoroughly that affected me is a story for another day - I have thought: If I were a man, that would be me.

Anyway, an interesting essay on the birth order of the Black sisters. As fascinating as the notion of Narcissa being the eldest sister and being older than Lucius is, it neglects to factor in one thing: aristocratic family trees, to my knowledge, list the heir in the middle, right below the parents. That would make the order Andromeda - Bellatrix - Narcissa, with Bellatrix being the new heiress after Andromeda's name was burned out from their middle.

Which, you know, would make Andromeda going off and marrying a Muggle-born even cooler. Both the great hopes of the family turned out to be rebels.

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