(~simul iustus & peccator~) (lovelies) wrote,
(~simul iustus & peccator~)

Clips seen in History of the Horror Movie so far:

  • Ferdinand Zecca: Ali Baba et les quarantes voleures

  • Benjamin Christiansen: Häxan (Witchcraft Through the Ages)

  • Paul Wegener/Henrik Galeen: Der Golem

  • Robert Wiene: Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari

  • Fritz Lang: Metropolis

  • Robert Florey: Murders in the Rue Morgue

  • F. W. Murnau: Nosferatu - Symphonie des Grauens

  • Tod Browning: Freaks

  • Tod Browning: Dracula

  • James Whale: Frankestein

So rock.

  • (no subject)

    I need more iconses! Rec me icons or places where you swipe icons.

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    Today is World AIDS Day. http://www.worldaidsday.org/

  • Russki

    Hello, all of you new people! Since many of you seem to be writing your journals in Russian, and I am in fact the only person in my entire family…

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