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I've been watching the OT, and the transition between the trilogies isn't anything like fluid. Holy plot holes, Batman. But I am enjoying the way fanboys are attempting to explain away every inconsistency like George 'Annikin' Lucas is wholly incapable of making mistakes.

And that the rabid ones are fanboys in this fandom.

Anyway, I think I would have gotten more squeeage out of the movie if they hadn't cut the Mon Mothma scenes out, because I've now discovered the root of why I liked Episode II better. Got nothing to do with dialogue or acting, or the flow of the over-all plot or any such silly little things. It was all about the Boba Fett pwnage. There was 'ooh' and 'whoa' in discovering that all the storm troopers = Boba Fett, and that he was essentially a super storm trooper, and there wasn't any such 'ooh' and 'whoa' to be found in Episode III.

My answer to the age-old question of favourite character has been Boba Fett since I was ten or something, and the fact that Anakin's nightmares looked a hell of a lot like wet dreams to the outside observer is beside the point.

Not that Episode III didn't have its good points, mind. Obi-Wan hugging Anakin in the elevator shaft with the Emperor hanging from his leg was brilliant.

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