(~simul iustus & peccator~) (lovelies) wrote,
(~simul iustus & peccator~)

A story about a boy and a girl, and a universe:

From the moment he saw her image...

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

"She's beautiful!"

...He had to find her.

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. In danger. In love. In Star Wars.

No legendary adventure of the past could be as exciting as this romance of the future.

The original trailers are funny as all hell. Bets on that Lucas had no actual idea how the story was going to play out until he'd began cutting Revenge of the Sith 'Revenge' of the Jedi ever?

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    I need more iconses! Rec me icons or places where you swipe icons.

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    Today is World AIDS Day. http://www.worldaidsday.org/

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    Hello, all of you new people! Since many of you seem to be writing your journals in Russian, and I am in fact the only person in my entire family…

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