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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

The Fenni are astonishingly savage and disgustingly poor... Unafraid of anything that man or god can do to them, they have reached a state that few human beings can attain: for these men are so well content that they do not even need to pray for anything. -- Tacitus; Germania

I was thinking (that Finland was actually the last corner of Europe converted to Christianity, counting Iceland and Greenland that had us beat by about two hundred years, and it took three crusades, the murder of an English bishop and later patron saint (Rome canonized the bishop, the people canonized the killer, who remains a national hero to this day) and the post Great Schism two factions coming in from both sides, Catholicism from Sweden and Orthodoxy from Russia, for my ancestors to either accept this loving embrace of Jesus - or choke on a sword) about what wussies my people were when it came to the Swedish vikings. The Norwegian ones were a bit of a different matter -- the Finns and the Karelians feuded with them over the northern water routes for hundreds of years, and it lasted until they had the bright idea of going around us via the Arctic sea. I understand they placed their mythical Trollebotn or Jotunheim to Finland - and when the hairy vikings thought your forefathers were trolls, you know it's not good.

I never connected the dots before, but the thing in Lord of the Rings, where they set up the bonfires to warn the mountain-y city that the enemy troops were coming -- we used to do that. To warn inland settlements that a Drake had been spotted along the coastline. There's actually a district in my city still called 'Pyre Mountain' because they used to do that there. I think it's pretty cool.

Anyway, happy birthday, me.
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