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On the other hand, I have not had the hope that many others find useful in their work; that of finishing and making beautiful my work. I have not had that hope. Always doubtful of having the strength to edit anything worthwhile, my apprehension has sometimes grown to the point that I have been about to throw everything into the fire, because I have not believed myself able to edit them in a worthwhile way. And I have not seen myself as worthy with my own labour to send this unfinished work to be scrutinized by the eyes of others. But go forth, now, the poems of the Kalevala, even if you are less than ready, so that in my hands and with time the fire would not make you readier.

In Kajani, February 28th 1835
Elias Lönnrot

The day that saw the finishing of the foreword has since been dedicated to Kalevala: it became national Kalevala Day, and later the Day of Finnish Culture.

That made me weepy.

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