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A truly crackpot theory

Romilda Vane

Bothered me, because I picked up 'I am lord' from the name right away, and the descriptors used of her were the same that had been used of Bellatrix before. And I was sure Ron's poisoning wasn't from the wine but that the love potion had been triggered to turn to poison with the adding of the antidote.

...Didn't Slughorn and Harry drink the wine?

I can't decide whether to theorize her being Voldemort, Bellatrix, or Regulus Black in disguise.

Or a medal in V <-- the locket
A dream in lov (Lo, a dream in V)
A laird venom
Nor a valid me
Ronald via me
A mad vile Ron
A mad evil Ron
A mad loner IV
A mad role in V
In a mad lover
Or a damn evil
A random evil
And I'm a lover
Load Minerva
Lord via name
A rival demon
Me a vain Lord
A normal DE VI
A moral DE in V
Amoral DE in V
Or a man lived
Or a man devil
A manor devil
Radial venom
No evil drama
I am Lord aven (iniquity, force, riches; sorrow)

I'm not crazy. Really.

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