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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

Ever since July I've exercised 40 minutes every morning (it's not as healthy as it sounds; on a regular morning I'll spend an hour with coffee and cigarettes, then do that, and come back to my coffee and cigarettes until I've fully woken up - and that has always taken me quite a bit), because I'm a little concerned what the fall will do to me. But I've had to drop my cardio now, at least until Thursday, because I'm just too tired and it's started feeling bad... feverish, rather than sweating.

It's making me feel hugely guilty, because since July 5th I have not missed one day. Not even when I got HBP, and that took effort. I suppose I get a bit... compulsive, when I set myself to doing things in a certain way. And I'm afraid that now that I've given myself permission to skip it for a few exhausting days, I'll just end up dropping it altogether. It's happened before. I'm not really good at keeping commitments.

I've really got half a mind to go back and do it right now.

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