(~simul iustus & peccator~) (lovelies) wrote,
(~simul iustus & peccator~)

Five Facts Meme

1. I am grossed out by visible veins. Especially on the hands and feet.

2. When I was eighteen my Finnish and English teachers together decided that I was bilingual. While I was brought up in a bilingual environment (Finnish/Portuguese), I did not know a single word of English until I was nine years old. I think of myself as semi-lingual.

3. Both of my biological grandfathers had blonde hair. Both of my grandmothers had pitch black hair. I was born with black hair that got lighter as I got older. My brother was born the purest blonde I've ever seen, and today his own hair colour is nearly black (also, looking at my biological grandparents, the four parts of my heritage are: 1. batshit crazy 2. hugely stupid and kind of whorish 3. plain old mean 4. keeping up appearances).

4. My maternal grandfather's family was Shamanic. There's a family legend according to which his great-grandfather's spirit animal, a salmon, predicted the coming of the radio. I used to think it was hilariously funny the man had talked to a fish until I learned that it's fairly common in Shamanic cultures.

5. I am specieist. I have huge phobias concerning non-mammalian creatures. Not just reptilians and insects, but everything from birds to butterflies to mushrooms. I feel that my mammalian existence is threatened by them.

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