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What is the function of life?

The purpose of life I've seen as the perpetuation of life, but even if 'evolution' is seen more rightly as adaptation to circumstance rather than a mechanism of improvement, what purpose has life itself, if its existence wherever it may occur (be there a shred of bacteria on another planet) is the result of accidence or contingence? If its origins were in accidence or contingence and its mechanisms adaptive, how could it strive or lead toward anything? There can be no purpose. Why was even the first cell-division necessary? There's too much accidence.

All matter in the universe is in motion, and this = energy. The whole universe, therefore, consists of energy. If we see the point once containing all matter/energy as a monad (that always included the potential) that then started expanding into a seeming myriad (that is still the one and the same energy, undivided and nothing added), could life just be the by-product of reversed entropy? Increasing complexity of the essential(?) nature of matter/energy. What is the function of life? To increase complexity.

Physically, you are of the same substance with me, just as I'm of the same substance with my keyboard. Part of the one selfsame undivided energy. In accordance with the wholly deterministic nature of existence the illusion 'I' have of 'me' will now blow into the air and fondle the illusion 'you' have of 'your' particles through the gazillion interconnected particles between us. We are both just amounts of the same energy as the speck of dust on the other side of the galaxy, once contained in one and the same space. The amount of energy that is the speck is merely not enough or the composition of the amounts that believe to be self-conscious. Human consciousness is just another mechanism, striving toward more complexity.

Spinoza has no fanboys and -girls because his theories were batshit insane? Change 'Nature' into the universe and 'God' into existence, and I can dig it.

And this concludes our mindfuckery for the evening.

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