(~simul iustus & peccator~) (lovelies) wrote,
(~simul iustus & peccator~)

First exam today: Ecclesiastes/Ecclesiasticus

I think I've stumbled upon another thing that might make me come across rude. Absent-mindedness and easy distractibility. Especially during exam time I won't remember a single stray thought later, unless I write it down instantly. Often I think to ask someone how they are doing or how X went, but when I actually see them, I've forgotten all about it.

These from actual notes I'm surrounded by currently:

Korybantic rage
St. Severus
While there are many things we can do to prepare for the unknown, we can never be prepared enough to dethrone Fortuna, the bitch-goddess of unpredictability
Rom. 3:19
2 Cor. 3:6
Witch of Endor

Do I remember what half of those are about? Hell, no.

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