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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

I watched Blood Diamond today. While I had been aware of many of the elements of the civil war at the backdrop of the movie, it did get me thinking. About human cruelty. Terrible things happening right now that I don't know about. That I don't want to know about, and how fortunate I am that I don't. 

But especially about the fact that I know that by tomorrow, I won't be thinking about them. I'll be doing something frivolous. Because we don't escape the cruel face of humanity by changing the world for the better, by not doing these things. We do it by pretending it isn't happening every hour of every day, in different shapes, all over and again tomorrow. Sometimes we're touched by a movie, an article, a story. Something that filters the senseless through a veil of rationalization, still allowing us our distance.

No, there's really no point to this, these thoughts, writing them down. What I'm actually trying to say, I think, is that I'm glad I'm not as desensitized yet as I know I could be. And I hope that I won't become so desensitized as I fear we all may.

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