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Initial thoughts on Deathly Hallows:

The lightning-bolt shaped dedication was sweet.

The first chapter was powerful. Creepy. First time I cried was with Petunia saying good-bye. I've always liked Petunia probably because in the real life, I have her emotional range.

One thing I've always loved in the books are the chapter titles. They're powerful, simple and to the point.

I'll confess slight disappointment at the forced heterofying of the entire cast of characters. Although that Sirius would have had Muggle babes on his wall seems somehow appropriate.

Dumbledore/Grindelwald: Did she stumble across something she ought not to have done as the two young men sat practicing for their attempt at glory and domination? Porn, please.

The delving into wizard lore was brilliant. I applaud the woman's imagination. Yes, many of the over-all themes and fantasy tropes you might call derivative, but it's the truly original bits that are captivating. Surprisingly so. I was just reading Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther the day before yesterday - a similar pop-culture phenomenon in its hay-day. And yet the experience of it was completely opposite: while the language of it was artful, fuck me if I'd read that rubbish for ~ 3000 pages.

What theories I'd seen on what the actual Deathly Hallows meant; this was so much better.

Something about the Middle brother's tale really creeped me out.

Draco's conquered wand had me in stitches.

Who are you and where are you hiding Lupin?


And I fucking knew it. The doe. Snape and Lily. The eyes. Dumbledore. Harry as a horcrux. Okay, I didn't know it in the sense of actually knowing it. But ever since PS I never gave up on him, and damn, I kept wishing the Doe was Snape's. Even after having been spoiled to the fact that he would die.

I appreciated the ending, but I'm not sure what I think about the OBHWF-epilogue. Is this what she had locked up in the safe all those years?

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