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Reading this bit of dickery ("The Terrible secret of LiveJournal") that has lately been posted about ("The thing is that fandom is about creating a line that separates Us from Them. That's the point. That's why you joined - remember? You wanted to be among your people and escape from the ones who aren't your people." ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?) lead me to do a search on aggressive male communication, which came up with this study: Gender Differences in E-mail Communication.

It's a very interesting read, even if a little out-dated. I'd certainly be interested to read more about it.

It would therefore appear that even though the Internet does offer the theoretical opportunity of equality, in reality women are not provided with an equal opportunity for discussion due to the different communication styles existing between the two sexes - in other words, if women use language that is considered weaker, more frivolous or somewhat less powerful than men, they will continue to be relegated to secondary status by men; and that if men use a more aggressive, competitive, dominating style, they will continue to remain in power.

Not just on the Internet, but also within the University framework, I've noticed a tendency in myself to back down (or weasel out) of arguments, even when I completely disagree with a debater. I was rather a quiet child, so I took it very seriously when ever I was told to be quiet. My adolescence also made me a little hypersensitive to confrontation, which has left me with a tendency to want to disagree in ways that can hardly be seen as disagreement at all. I'm sure this could be seen as a form of dishonesty, but I believe that cultural conditioning does have a lot to do with it. Girls learn exactly how far they can back-talk to father, and they learn when they can back-talk no further.

But can it be unlearned?

PS. If you can has links, post 'em.

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