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I'm not sure when it turned into a habit, but when ever I watch a movie - be it on the big screen or on television - directly afterward I go to IMDB and read up on trivia, bits and bobs about the movie, the reviews. What I should really learn to do is to just not read the discussion threads. Sure, it's a place of international discourse for multinational pop culture phenomena, but it's also full of the fucking stupid.

(Did you know that bisexuals are homosexuals because like the homosexuals they have homosexual sex and are therefore a subset of the homosexuals? I bet you didn't. Now you know!)

Case in point: I rewatched Angl Lee's Hulk last night, and discovered that it's actually a lot better than I initially gave it credit for. I've read the comic book, so the reshuffling of the elements that make up the character threw me off the first time, and I couldn't see how brilliantly it stands up from the multitude of comic book adaptations of the recent years. So naturally I wanted to read up on it.

The consensus seems to be that it's the worst Marvel comic adaptation ever. I guess a lot of people missed David Hasselhoff playing Nick Fury, but I wasn't so lucky. Oh my God, I still want to scrub my retinas.

In all the time that I've read the Hulk, it hasn't been about "Hulk smash". The comic was fucking dark. It was edgier and more brutal than Wolverine. There were real issues, there were issues I really didn't even want to be reading on a comic book. Like Rick being seriously unhinged around Marlo's death. People slowly wasting away with AIDS. Not seeing anything beyond "Hulk smash" is kind of missing everything about the character. It's a metaphor for human struggle, and especially to losing rather than triumphing that personal struggle. That's what made it a difficult and complex book. Because the Hulk isn't a hero, and Bruce Banner really isn't a hero. (Not even when the two were merged and did heroic things was he a hero.)

Maybe it was something else in its original run, or on the cartoon, or in the TV show. I don't know, I never cared about those Hulk. With as many problems as there with the film, it was still more true to the comic in its sentiment than any string of action sequences and witty one-liners could have been.

Because the Hulk is a complicated guy. Really.

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