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Full-Metal Alchemist returned from Summer break today, and while I've got to say that Sunday mornings have never been the best time slot for me to be watching anything, I've grown to love it a lot. I didn't think I would, probably because it had every element that's supposed to make it the kind of series that I would love, and that just makes me cautious. But so far, it seems to be succeeding in where Coelho fell flat on his ass. 

I've read up on Alchemical texts in the past, which probably surprises few people. I'm the kind of person that has had The Gnostic Society Library in their favourites folder for the past several years. I have a few weird hobbies. And I just get giddy as a child when ever I spot something I know to be a real bit of alchemical lore in the show. A lot of manga takes themes from the Western sphere of experience and transforms them into new and exciting stories, and I love that.

Their fetishizing aspects of my culture makes me feel less guilty about having fetishized aspects of various East-Asian cultures from times that I was really too young to know any better. Probably because I also grew up within the influence of two cultures, I've always believed that it's through cultural osmosis that we can create great things, and that strict copyright clauses can only hinder their creation.

I haven't really read any fanwanks on FMA, but Ishvaal = "People of the lord", yes?

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