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The Context

I know it must be hard to fathom that a girl doesn’t care what a smart man thinks about the thing that she cares most about in the world, or that there’s a movement that exists that doesn’t much take into consideration what men have to say on the topic. I know I’m supposed to
1) nod thoughtfully as I process your wisdom, asking clarifying questions about your points just in case I don’t immediately understand something you say, and then
2) offer up some powerful and intelligent argument on why feminism is important, and then
3) try to prove my point with examples from women in politics and a few stories about my grandmother, but of course, in the end,
4) concede that yes, you have some very good points that I will certainly think about, and thank you for educating me about feminism and correcting me on those things I didn’t fully understand about women and the world.

Queer Misogyny

We have to strengthen our solidarity between feminism and gay men’s quest for sexual freedom. If we become more vigilant about the ways that misogyny operates within our community and even in our own ideas about ourselves, we can start to recognize the critical links between gay liberation and the women’s movement. Solidarity between gay men and women increases our power and ability to further our resistance to the status quo.

How to Make a Monster (the sordid history of Fandom Wank)

I've been following Fandom Wank on and off since before it was TOSed, and it's funny how many of these events I can place without having had any idea what was going down on the inside. Furthermore, I distinctly remember crantz from somewhere (debate , atheism ? thies , jurhael ?), but I had no idea he was Sepiamagpie. Curiouser.

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    I need more iconses! Rec me icons or places where you swipe icons.

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    Today is World AIDS Day. http://www.worldaidsday.org/

  • Russki

    Hello, all of you new people! Since many of you seem to be writing your journals in Russian, and I am in fact the only person in my entire family…

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