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Male Violence and Male Privilege

To talk about male privilege, we have to talk about ourselves from the perspective of the other. From within male reality the term "male privilege" doesn't signify; it has no meaning -- it's invisible; it's just the way things are. How does a fish talk about water? This famous conundrum applies to white men talking to other men about our position in the world. The name feminists have given to our position -- male privilege -- doesn't exist in "common parlance," which is the language of the dominant group, the culture-definers.

"Oh Baby!": Representations of Single Mothers in American Popular Culture

While images of mature single mothers have flooded television screens and magazine covers, complicating stereotypes of single mothers as young, immature, and lower-class, the stories that we tell about SMCs and the stories put out by Single Mothers by Choice demonstrate continued cultural anxiety about the changing nature of the American family. Rather than depict the realistic struggles of single moms in a variety of race and class contexts, these sanitized representations of SMCs turn to traditional narrative structures and ideologies.

From Girls Who Dress Up Like Boys To Trussed-up Porn Stars - Some of the Contemporary Heroines on the Japanese Screen

Moreover, female idols and characters in Japanese popular culture who dress and behave like men are assertive and free. This quality seems to appeal to young Japanese girls who feel they don't have the same freedom and are not encouraged to be assertive. Boys are also not encouraged to be assertive, but they do have slightly more freedom than girls. Indeed girls seem to envy the fictitious masculine woman or girl more than do their male counterparts. 

PS. Halp! How do you delete a community? LJ's FAQs aren't helping me out, because half of them are in Hebrew for me.

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