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Fic: PG-13

Title: A Button Does It All
Fandom: Lego
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Red brick/blue brick

A Button Does It All

Darkness had fallen, suddenly, as it was wont to do. The hands of the Creator would not shape their fates for the duration of its reign. The red brick knew this, it was never so, although sometimes a great swoop would come and scatter his kin like a wave from beyond.

It preferred the darkness despite this, because greater dangers sometimes befell them in times of the light. When the hands of the Creator were absent, many monsters threatened their peaceful harmony. The warm and damp mouths of gigantic salivating beasts that rained their drool over the bricks before carrying one or more of them to a crunchy fate between their sharp teeth.

And then, of course, there was the Vortex. The Vortex always came with a great, thundering sound and devoured many bricks, sucking them into its great gaping jaws. Many times the quiet whimpers of his kin could still be heard from the belly of the beast as its roaring died down, but few of them were ever seen again. No, the times of light were full of dangers.

It was in the safety of the darkness that the red brick stirred. There was a quiet but leisurely prolonged criiiik that sounded the stillness as it stretched its sides, its round red studs bouncing on its back. It rolled the stiffness of the day off its back, two rows of studs scraping lightly against one another. It felt good to be awake.

All around it the red brick sensed other pieces beginning to move. Slowly they wriggled, millimeter at a time. But as there were so many of them, it felt as though a great motion had been taking place, a shared effort helping them on their way. And the red brick knew the way it wanted to go, as it had been on this single path for the past several nights.

There was a blue brick, the same model as the red one, that it had been aware of for quite some time. The red brick had wanted to be near the blue brick ever since it had first caught an image of the eight perfectly circular blue studs on its back. They were calling it like nothing before, as though the two of them had been made for each other. And tonight it was so close that it was sure it would reach the other brick.

And as the hours slowly crawled by, so it did.

Mounting the blue brick the red latched tightly onto its first two studs. Its hollows clutched the studs of the blue brick just right. It tried to wiggle from side to side, small squeaks of friction sounding between them, but it knew that such feeble pull would not separate them. It was pleasurable to fit together so perfectly. It needed more.

First four studs, then six it took within its hollows, squeezing the blue bright so tightly that it was sure nothing but the Creator could pull them apart. And it didn't want ever to be separate of its counterpart, pressing against the blue mounds within him with possessive fervor. The tiny creaking and squeaking from beneath it were telling it that the blue brick felt comfortable where it was, as well, attempting to fit even closer together.

It was with the first light of the morning that their sounds, as well as the sounds all around them, began to still. The red brick felt itself stiffening around the studs of the blue brick, snug as their were. With brittle drowsiness its lingering wish was that the next night would find them just as they were now, clutched to each other, a perfect fit.



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