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Women can have issues, but not in a way that makes them seem threatening. In fact, the only dangerous women on TV are the side characters.

Finally, freedom from myth of the superwoman

[Young women] are going back, not forward, to a situation where women make the world work so men can run it. Is that what we want for our daughters, our girls who are doing so much better than boys at school, who are storming the professions in record numbers, only to drop out in their 30s when they can't face pretending to be a man for one day longer?

They're Just as Sadistic as Any Group of Boys! A Content Analysis of News Coverage of Sport-Related Hazing Incidents in High Schools (.pdf)

Media coverage of male sports tends to reaffirm masculinity. Coverage of female sports is often intended to assure readers or viewers that the athletes are heterosexual, since the assumption that active women are masculine at least, if not lesbians, holds true here as well. Such coverage thereby reifies traditional notions of what is feminine.

PS. I'd heard that the US economy was plummeting, but I didn't know it had gotten so bad that you need to ask foreign nationals to fund the education of your children. I've participated in programs that help teach children how to read (click!), in Cuba, Namibia, and Angola especially, but I think that I'm going to leave this one for your body of elected officials. 

PPS. I'm not loving the increase of spam from LJ.

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