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So in a culture that sends the message that it’s better for girls to be quiet and pretty and leave being the main character up to a boy, it’s pretty awesome that there are hundreds of thousands of stories where girls stand up and say, “No, it’s all about me.” They cast themselves in the spotlight, usurping the role of the main character, imaging the former male lead as their love interest.

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary to Popular Belief... 

But even when the girls readily find roles for their characters, they can’t always make space for themselves. More often than not, my students choose fantasy and magic and adventure for this project; there’s nothing exciting about pretending to live in a realistic story about regular kids. And more often than not, in this project, my black, Hispanic, and Asian students’ characters develop long blonde ringlets and sparkling violet eyes. They manage to leave those clichés behind when they write historical fiction and school stories, the genres in which we find more than a handful of nonwhite writers and nonwhite protagonists.

The Mary Sue Project 

This advice is based on my hard work and research over the past couple of years. You want to have a large female fan base? Read on!

Advice for Artists & Writers: Getting The Elusive Female Audience 

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center now report new findings that may help explain the conundrum: Women have a higher proportion of gray matter to cranial volume than men. Conversely, men have higher proportions of white matter and cerebrospinal fluid to cranial volume than women.

Sex Differences Found In Proportions Of Gray And White Matter In The Brain: Links To Differences In Cognitive Performance Seen 

And for the two of you that didn't already know. Dumbledore? Gay. Checked interview, completely true. I take back some of the things I've said about her.


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